The below excerpt is from my memoirs (a work in progress), which I try to update once a year. It is written as a retrospective, as opposed to a journal.

How it started

I had read somewhere that "the palest ink is better than the best memory" and thought that I should write down what I remember of moments in my life so that the writing is there should the time come when my memory needs a nudge. I began writing this in the year 2003, on the 29th of May. I was having difficulty sleeping that night and my mind was travelling through one thought after another. Eventually, around 2 am, I reached a thought that led me to get out of bed, switch on my computer (which was in my bedroom) and start writing.


How it developed

My initial intention was to write up key memories from my past until I reached the present. Then I could periodically add to it so that it was no more than a year out of date. So this was never intended to be a journal, rather a retrospective look at events and thoughts related to them.

I wanted this writing to represent real life and abstained from including any information about which I am unsure. I am aware that where there are gaps in memory, the mind may have a natural tendency to fill in these gaps by deduction, or create vague false memories in an attempt to provide closure on a story. Therefore, I have tried to be careful not to speculate. I have preferred instead to omit certain stories altogether due to uncertainty in some parts, or to leave gaps in some stories. In some instances, I have noted my observations and opinions where there was a sound basis behind them. These are of course identifiable in the context of the writing and are not passed off as fact.    

The chapters are generally chronological, unless the content is dealing with a subject that spans different time periods. In some chapters, I tackle ideas or concepts relevant to my experience and provide preamble, research and supporting background information.